For all those times you wanted to communicate with a foreign business partner but not knowing the language has stopped you. For all those times you attended an event and only understood bits and pieces here and there.

Let me do all the talking – and listening – in your preferred language.

As a professional Italian interpreter, I can help you communicate smoothly, as well as understand cultures and break down language barriers.

Interpreting is an art that requires a solid background and experience, a vast general knowledge, terminological accuracy, confidentiality, and steady nerves. But preparation is key. Before a task, we will go through all the details of the event or meeting, so that I can research the topic in advance and ensure a top-notch service. Make sure your words are in the right hands. And voice.

Listen to my voice in English and Italian

Language combinations

Italian <> English

French > Italian

Portuguese > Italian

Simultaneous interpreting

As a simultaneous interpreter, I sit in the booth and translate simultaneously.

This mode is generally used in conferences and meetings to allow speakers and participants to follow conversations in real time through headsets.

Due to its highly intense nature, simultaneous interpreting can only be performed by two interpreters taking turns every 20 minutes.

Consecutive interpreting

When interpreting consecutively, I sit in the room, take notes of the speech and then translate it in turn.

Generally used in meetings with a limited number of participants and only one foreign language. The speaker delivers the speech, the interpreter takes notes, and at the end of a 3-6 minute section she reproduces it in the target language.

This technique involves a longer meeting duration because each speech is first delivered by the speaker, and then interpreted consecutively.

Liaison interpreting

The dialogue is interpreted one sentence after the other, directly in the room.

Unlike consecutive, this interpreting mode is usually performed without taking notes, and therefore each section should not last longer than 2 minutes.

Best suited to: business negotiations

Whispered interpreting

The interpreted message is translated simultaneously, whispering into the ear of the listener. I would usually sit behind the listeners.

Unlike simultaneous interpreting, this technique does not require booths, microphones, headsets, or any other interpreting equipment. The interpreter sits behind the person who needs the translation, which is whispered into his or her ear. In this mode, for the message to be perfectly understood, it can only be interpreted to a maximum of 3 people at once.

Which one do you need? If you’re not sure, send me a message and I will be able to advise.

I work with trusted colleagues for team assignments and can organise a team suitable for your event. Ask me about all the languages you need!